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 Posted: Tue Jan 3rd, 2017 05:53 pm
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The 2016 pool is still ongoing, and will end when the 2017 Royal Rumble starts, whereby the 2017 pool will begin. On that note, here are the rules and runners for the 2017 pool. Hopefully we will get more than 4 runners this year. I'll bump this post to the top every week until the deadline.

Rules for 2017:

Pick 12 names from the current (male) WWE and NXT rosters, ranked from 12 point pick to 1 point pick.
Plus 3 girls, plus 3 non-wrestlers (worth 4 points each)

+5 points if your WWE or NXT pick shows up in TNA
-5 points if your NXT pick shows up on Raw, Smackdown or WWE PPV
+5 points if your pick dies
-5 points if your pick wins the WWE World or Universal title
+10 points if your pick wins the NWA World Title
+2 for the first (or first group) of future endeavors

if a wrestler gets re-hired, they are back in play (inspired by those French guys managing to get released twice in a year)
double points if any of your picks are with a company when it goes out of business
double points for any releases in January 2018.

Deadline is the start of the 2017 Royal Rumble PPV, and the pool runs until the start of the 2018 Royal Rumble PPV.

Send your picks to me.

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