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 Posted: Thu Jan 5th, 2017 10:01 pm
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"The Greatest Batman Stories Every Told" was published around 1989 and features a buncha' stuff from 1939 to the mid-80's. Basically, Batman pre-Dark Knight revamp.

Fairly cheap, too. Only a few 70's stories in there, but it'd be a good companion piece to the others listed above. I think there's a hardback version out there.

If you want total 70's Bat-cheese, then there's the "Brave & The Bold Omnibus":

I caution this one, because it's sort of its own little world in regards to the character of Batman. Some things don't vibe with what Batman was doing in his other titles at the time. Yet I think these stories are fun because they're all Batman team-ups, usually self-contained one-issue stories, and sorta' similar to the 70's "SuperFriends" shorts.