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 Posted: Wed Jan 11th, 2017 04:48 pm
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Andyo wrote: I have this Odessa card for November 19, 1965;

Odessa – Luke Brown & Jake Smith W Len Miller & Tokyo Tom, Dory Funk Jr., Dory Funk Sr. & Ricky Romero W Mike DiBiase, Jack Donovan & Don McClarity, Lou Thesz W Pampero Firpo.

That would seem to be at odds with the Albuquerque card also listed for that date;

Albuquerque – Jack Cain & Mike DiBiase W Dory Funk Jr. & Dory Funk Sr., Jose Lothario W Pampero Firpo, Jack Donovan W Rene Goulet, Ricky Romero W Tokyo Tom, 1,600.

The Albuquerque card is correct. I suspect the Odessa card should be Tuesday November 16. Thesz wrestled in Lubbock on the 17th, but not in Amarillo on the 18th. He would almost certainly have wrestled in Amarillo if he was staying to wrestle in Odessa on the Friday.

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