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 Posted: Tue Feb 7th, 2017 12:30 am
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srossi wrote: dogfacedgremlin34 wrote: Ultimark wrote: I never got the feeling that they take pro sports too seriously in the southeast. If this had happened to the Eagles or Giants, there might be suicides.
That was going to be my other comment...are there really any die hard Falcons fans?  Like, REAL die hards?  I've always thought ATL was comprised mostly of people from different parts of the country who had other primary NFL rooting interests.

That seems like a silly question.  The Falcons have been in Atlanta for more than 50 years and the city doesn't have more transplants than Miami or many other cities.  Over the course of 5 decades, I guarantee you the team has gotten tens of thousands of pretty hardcore fans in Georgia and even surrounding states that don't have a pro team.  No one is saying it's Green Bay, and I know college football might be more popular than pro in SEC territory, but come on. 

Not a silly question at all, and has a lot more to do with the city of Atlanta than how long the Falcons have been in existence.  

Do you know anybody who you would label a Falcons die hard?  Does anybody on this board know anybody who's a Falcons die hard.  We have a few people from Georgia on this board.  Are they or do they know anybody who's a Falcons die hard?  

Between my real life, this board, Facebook and various other avenues, I feel that I could name at least one die hard of at least 28 or 29 of the other NFL teams.  Off the top of my head, can't think of anybody who's a die hard Jacksonville fan, or LA Ram fan (because, you know, LA) or an Atlanta fan.  Do they really exist?  Just thinking it's a silly question doesn't mean it's so.  

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