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 Posted: Tue Feb 7th, 2017 02:52 am
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Heenan Fan wrote: Heenan Fan wrote: Falcons lose late on a controversial call.I told you so. Either the facemask penalty, but more so the asnine pass interference penalty in ot. Yeah, it probably was PI, but it was not the right way to end the game since so few of these type of penalties are called in the Super Bowl. The Michael Crabtree butrape non-call in SB 47 was 10 times worse than the PI call tonight. Bullshit finish, and I called it.BS.  He tomahawked chopped him clearly before the ball got there.  You HAVE to call it regardless of when it happens during the game.  Falcons were holding the entire game in the secondary.  There could have been even more pass interference calls if the Patriots didn't catch everything else.

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