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 Posted: Tue Nov 4th, 2008 01:24 am
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WongLee wrote: When Twisted Sister was doing the club scene in Long Island in the late 70's they used to have an annual Halloween gig and costume contest. I dressed as Jesus one year with a crown of thorns and stigmata marks (including my side) and came in second. I was high on 2 hits of acid and Dee Snider said it would be pretty fucked up if I didn't win as the acid kinda had me believing I was the son of god. Anyway I lost to a guy dressed as a rabbi who was wearing a gas mask.
I had taken about two or three hits one time and had to go to the bathroom.  I made the mistake of looking in the mirror.  I saw "horns" growing out of my head,  Fortunately for me, I remembered that I was tripping and started laughing.  The horns went back down and I continued having a great time.

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I just think it's amazing that Trump is really on Twitter all day, personally writing this shit. He's about 3 beers away from joining S&W and getting into a flame war with Ports.----srossi