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 Posted: Thu Mar 2nd, 2017 11:16 pm
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The big ones of the rock era would have to be the emergence of Elvis in 1955, the Beatles/British invasion of 1964, the punk movement of 1977, and the grunge/alternative upheaval of 1991.  Since then, has there really been a "moment" where there was an across-the-board change in popular music?  In my opinion, no.  So my question is, will there be another sea change in pop/rock music at any point in the future or has the genre exhausted all of its permutations?  Has the lack of a major movement in music been caused by the crippling of major labels and local radio by electronic media?  Can that be overcome?  Or do you completely disagree with me; are you able to point to something profound that happened between the early '90s and today?