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 Posted: Fri Mar 3rd, 2017 08:10 pm
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For some reason we all just assumed that rock would be the preeminent form of music forever, but it's suffering the same fate as classical, jazz, and blues.  Sure it still exists and always will, and elements of it all were incorporated into future genres, but it's time in the mainstream is over.  When the current wave of rock guys from the '60s, '70s, and '80s die, and we're down to a relatively few at this point who have even decent drawing power, then rock will be almost exclusively a club genre again.  I personally don't care anymore.  I'm fine with paying $20 to see a new rock band I like at a club with a capacity of 500 rather than paying $200 and dealing with all the chaos of an arena show.  For that matter, I can still go to a blues or jazz club and pay a $10 cover in an even smaller room to see that.  And you'll always be able to do that, so who cares if it's not mainstream anymore?     

And this all effects pop of course because pop is really just the most popular thing going at the time, by definition.  Someone like Michael Jackson drew heavily from rock when that was hot and as time goes by all the little genre distinctions that we cared about in the '80s have disappeared and it's all tossed onto the same radio stations and all that music is played by the same cover bands.  I just saw an '80s cover band play Michael Jackson followed by AC/DC and it barely seemed strange anymore even to me.  To the 20-year olds in attendance, it's the same shit.  Now everything in pop draws from hip hop and electronica and it will all sound the same in another 20 years.   

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