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 Posted: Wed Mar 15th, 2017 12:47 am
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Jose Reyes appears to be in legal trouble once again.

The New York Mets infielder was suspended by Major League Baseball for 52 games last season after he allegedly assaulted his wife, Katherine Ramirez, during an altercation in a Maui hotel room on Halloween in 2015, and now his ex-girlfriend is suing him for child support.

Christina Sanchez, a model and television host, has filed a suit against Reyes in Nassau County family court, according to her lawyer Steven Gildin, reports Christian Red of the New York Daily News.

"We can sue for child support, but the law doesn't allow us to sue Reyes for not being a good parent to his child," Gildin told the Daily News. "We are suing for financial support, but it would be nice if Christina's child did not have to grow up without a daddy."

Sanchez and Reyes have a 7-year-old daughter, Liyah, together, according to Gildin, who said Reyes is not doing his fatherly duty by providing Sanchez with the necessary financial support. Reyes has been married to his wife, Ramirez, since 2008.

"The law says that you should get 17 percent of the annual income," Gildin explained. "It's not about the money, however. We would take less if Reyes did the right thing and be a daddy to his daughter. Jose and his wife and three daughters live in a $7-million mansion. They are together and have love, and the daughters have any financial item one could desire."

Gildin also went on to address Reyes' incident with his wife in 2015 and how it related to his client, while questioning his attitude towards women.

"It shows us that this athlete has perhaps a problem, has a habit of treating women poorly," he said.

The 33-year-old Reyes is an employee of the Mets, but is currently participating at the World Baseball Classic for the Dominican Republic. Gildin expects him to miss the next scheduled court date for the lawsuit March 22 because of his baseball activities.