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August 12 1987 - Atlanta Ga - TV Tapings
Jimmy Garvin pinned Cougar Jay
Kendall Windham pinned Gladiator 1
Jimmy Valiant pinned Terry Jones
Sean Royal pinned Larry Stephens
Ronnie Garvin pinned Dexter Wescott
The Barbarian and Manny Fernandez beat George South and Rocky King
Tejho Khan beat Keith Steinborn
US Tag Champs The Midnight Express beat Rikki Nelson and David Diamond
The Mod Squad beat Denny Brown and The Italian Stallion
Barry Windham pinned Ed Franks
Ivan Koloff pinned Colt Steele

Precious, Paul Jones, Jim Cornette appeared on the show as well...
Note:  Beginning with this television taping, World Championship Wrestling was taped the Wednesday prior to the Saturday‚Äôs airing.

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