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 Posted: Wed Apr 5th, 2017 06:20 pm
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srossi wrote: bpickering wrote:

Aron Rex (real name Aaron Steven Haddad) aka the former Damien Sandow is gone from Impact Wrestling. Rex had missed the last set of Impact Wrestling tapings due to a filming commitment with a movie.

Rex debuted in August 2016 for the company. sources indicate that while it had been announced Rex had signed a deal with Impact (then known as TNA), he was never actually under a signed contract.

Wow, what a missed opportunity with him.  He came in as a red hot underutilized WWE star who the fans were begging to cheer for, within a month he was a stale mid-carder, and within a few months he was Liberace.  So TNA.

The funny thing is, he might be a prime candidate for NXT, following the Drew McIntyre route.

No chance, I don't think his heart's in it. To get back into WWE/NXT you really need to bust your ass and prove yourself. An unsuccessful few months in TNA does not a new NXT star make. Add him to Wade Barrett and Ryback as guys with potential who are done as far as ever making it in wrestling. I don't think Cody Rhodes will ever be back either. I can't see many TNA guys making it to WWE now with Jarrett in charge. Plus, the quality of wrestlers in TNA has taken a nose-five with the new indie scrubs they've brought in.

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