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 Posted: Sun Apr 23rd, 2017 08:43 pm
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Yoshihiro Tajiri announced on his Twitter account this morning that even though WWE doctors have cleared him to compete and he's been doing a little coaching in NXT, he decided that his age will be a major factor in WWE ever using him as a talent and he has made the decision to return to Japan.

Tajiri wrote:

It passed a few days, but it seems that it will not be announced easily, so from me ... injured in the knee owed in January, indeed it is all right without any problems at all, but while the doctor of WWE also gives OK, it is "Risky" When. Well, anybody who is a wrestler's body part who has been doing professional wrestling for many years is a matter of course.

as a company, considering my age of 46 years old, "I can not let the game go on at WWE." I wonder if it will be OK after a while? I tried waiting while doing coach of NXT, but it is still bad by all means. With that kind of amulet, I will return to Japan.

Even though it was only 4 months, I could return to WWE again, no regrets. Just one year ago I tried to try again at the end and I realized that my last youth I went to America ended now. Thanks to HHH and Legal teacher for moving to realize the return. Good-bye, and thank you. WWE, America.

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