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 Posted: Thu May 4th, 2017 07:51 pm
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chrob61 wrote: I'll never forget a player on the Tigers a few years ago "Red Pop" Chris Shelton. Had 8 HRs in April until the pitchers figured out how to pitch to him.

Here's hoping that Aaron Judge meets a better fate.

Good point.  If Judge is going to be a good MLB hitter, then he'll make adjustments too.

He already made one from last year to this year in doing a better job laying off the outside breaking pitches.  Eventually, pitchers will counter that with something else, and he'll have to learn how to adjust to that too.

If he stays off the stuff out of the zone at the plate and stays healthy, he's going to be special.  He's 280 lbs and runs like a deer.  He covers a lot of ground in the OF and has a RF arm.  He hits the ball a mile.