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 Posted: Fri May 5th, 2017 09:12 pm
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CINCINNATI - Now this could be a Run for the Roses, Cincinnati style.

Shortly after racking up his 200th career stolen base, Reds speedster Billy Hamilton says he'd be willing to race recently drafted Bengals blazer John Ross in a 40-yard dash for charity.

Ross, a wide receiver from Washington and the Bengals' top pick last week, set an NFL scouting combine record of 4.22 seconds in the 40. Hamilton leads all major leaguers in steals since his debut in 2013.

"I know he's really, really fast," Hamilton said after Thursday's 4-2 win over Pittsburgh. "It is something I look forward to. I'm a competitor. I'm willing to do it for a charity event. I haven't done a 40 since ninth grade, a 4.5 flat."

"I'd do a 40. There's no way I could do 100. This is the wrong season to do 100," he said. "I think a 40 would be a fun race for the city. It is something to look into. Run it by our agents and see how it goes."