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 Posted: Thu May 11th, 2017 01:32 am
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A controversial weekend which included him receiving a three-game suspension for breaking curfew on Friday and no-showing a game on Saturday apparently didn't earn New York Mets right-hander Matt Harvey any sympathy from his teammates.

"He wants to be Derek Jeter,” an anonymous teammate of Harvey's told Marc Carig of Newsday. "To do that, you’ve got to show up."

Jeter, a legend in New York City after a remarkable 20-year career, appeared in more than 2,700 games for the Yankees and was never linked to any kind of major off-the-field issues. Meanwhile, this latest string of incidents isn't the first time Harvey has faced scrutiny over his behavior, and he's only been in the league for five seasons.

In 2015, Harvey was late for team workouts in advance of the postseason because of what he explained was slow traffic. He was not suspended, but did receive a $500 fine, according to Carig's sources.

''Obviously, today was not the greatest. I know we had a mandatory workout. And the last thing I ever want to do is not be here for my team,'' Harvey said at the time. ''Basically, there's no excuse. I screwed up. I wasn't here. I showed up a little late.''

After Harvey received his most recent three-game suspension, a different teammate of his claimed he was glad there was finally "a sense of accountability," and was pleased action was taken, although it wasn't surprising to him that the pitcher would do something like this.

"You could see all of this coming," a teammate of Harvey's told Carig.

Harvey has already served his three-game suspension and is reportedly set to undergo in-house counselling. He is scheduled to make his next start Friday at Miller Park versus the Milwaukee Brewers.