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 Posted: Sat Jun 3rd, 2017 11:34 am
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srossi wrote: Fairly certain that's not a comprehensive list and there was a Hogan cage match in WCW that had barbed wire at the top. Maybe against Savage or even Flair. But if you include all matches with any barbed wire involvement, that got toyed with a lot in the '90s, even if some of it was worked and rubber.

Also feel like Dory Funk, Sr. had some back in the day. 

I didn't say it was comprehensive. Just what I got from a Google search from one site. Feel free to add your own matches, and we can make a better list. 

The WCW match was Flair vs Hogan at Uncensored 99. I'll add that to the list. If I remember correctly, the wire there was a bait and switch, and never came into play in the match.

They had chicken-wire fence matches in Amarillo, but never barbed wire. I think a lot of the old-school "barbed wire" matches are just Chinese whispers where someone read "wire" and then assumed the rest.

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