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 Posted: Tue Jun 13th, 2017 10:20 am
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Kriss wrote: odor31 wrote: I learned that Pampero Firpo went by Ivan Pirpo today. Thanks.

For some reason, I have in my Pampero Firpo match history that Firpo fought Lou Thesz in Odessa on 11/19/1965. Thoughts on that?

I also have Jose Lothario beating Pampero Firpo (DQ) in Amarillo on 10/23/1965.

I'm missing some Odessa cards from that period. Odessa cards were on Tuesdays usually, but they may have moved to a Friday to be able to book Thesz.

October 23, 1965 was a Saturday, so that is either a TV match, or the match may have been in Hereford, not Amarillo. Do you have the whole card?

Tuesday, November 16, 1965 (Ector County Coliseum, Odessa, Texas)
Len Miller & Tokyo Tom vs. Luke Brown & Jake Smith … Dory Funk Jr. & Ricky Romero vs. Don McClarity & Jack Donovan … Iron Mike DiBiase vs. Dory Funk Sr. … (World Heavyweight Title) Lou Thesz* vs. Ivan Firpo

 The results for this show weren't in the newspaper, unfortunately.

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