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 Posted: Wed Jul 5th, 2017 06:04 pm
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3/14/1963 Boston MA
Frank Scarpa beat Boston Bruiser Frank Shields
Pat O'Hara beat Terry Garvin
Eugenio Perez beat Gypsy Joe DQ
Jackie Nichols beat Rusty Barend
Golden Boy Dupree draw Mad Mongol

3/21/1963 Boston MA
Frank Scarpa draw Gypsy Joe
Pat O'Hara beat Boston Bruiser
Jackie Nichols & Jesse James beat Bull Montana & Mad Mongol
Eugenio Perez beat Rusty Barend
Terry Garvin draw Golden Boy Dupree

3/28/1963 Boston
Hans Schmidt beat Pat O'Hara
Gypsy Joe beat Frank Scarpa
Tony Zollo beat Rusty Barend
Mad Mongol draw Ronnie Hill
Golden Boy Dupree & Eugenio Perez beat Bull Montana & Boston Bruiser