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 Posted: Tue Jul 11th, 2017 03:53 am
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Chris Parsons is working the newspaper archives and came up with these from 1974.

Rushville, IN

WWA Champ Ox Baker vs Wilbur Snyder
Legionairres Fargo & Goulet vs Bold Eagle & Bob Ellis
Kim Duk vs Pepper Gomez
Mike Snyder vs Mitsu Arakawa

Hagerstown, IN

WWA Champ Ox Baker vs Pepper Gomez
Wilbur Snyder & Bold Eagle vs Don Fargo & Mitsu Arakawa
Paul Christy vs Mark Manson
Mike Snyder vs Tom Demarco

Elwood, IN

WWA Champ Ox Baker vs Moose Cholak
Legionairres Fargo & Goulet vs Gomez & Snyder
Kim Duk vs Bold Eagle
Tom Lynch vs Mark Manson

Anderson, IN

WWA Champ Ox Baker DDQ Wilbur Snyder
Kim Duk & Mark Manson over Moose Cholak & Tom Lynch
Gilbert Guerrero over Emilio Zapata
Paul Christy over Duke George

Muncie, IN

Mark Manson, Mitsu Arakawa & Johnny Starr
Wilbur Snyder, Mike Snyder & Bold Eagle
Paul Christy vs Max Blue
Tom Lynch vs Tom Demarco
Kay Casey vs Kathy McCoy

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