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 Posted: Tue Jul 18th, 2017 04:46 pm
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2/2/1963 Springfield MA
Eugenio Perez vs Mad Mongol

2/9/1963 Springfield MA
Frank Scarpa beat Bull Montana
Mad Mongol beat Armando Federico
Eugenio Perez beat Masked Marvel

2/16/1963 Springfield MA
Pat O'Hara vs Terry Garvin
Gypsy Joe vs Tony Zollo

2/23/1963 Springfield MA
Pat O'Hara vs Boston Bruiser
Gypsy Joe vs Eugenio Perez
Golden Boy Dupree vs Dicky Dusek

3/2/1963 Springfield MA
Pat O'Hara vs Gypsy Joe
Terry Garvin vs Jesse James

3/9/1963 Springfield MA
Bull Montana vs Tony Zollo
Boston Bruiser vs Golden Boy Dupree

3/16/1963 Springfield MA
Boston Bruiser vs Tony Zollo
Golden Boy Dupree vs Terry Garvin

3/23/1963 Springfield MA
Golden Boy Dupree draw Gypsy Joe
Eugenio Perez beat Terry Garvin
Tony Zollo beat Bull Montana DQ

3/30/1963 Springfield MA
Gypsy Joe vs Jesse James
Mad Mongol vs Mr Nobility