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8/9/65 – Bubble Room Restaurant – Pittsfield, MA
Golden Boy won a 6-man Battle Royal. Order of elimination: Jimmy Valentine, Tony Zollo, The Magnificent Chevier, Billy Graham and Gorgeous George
Billy Graham def The Magnificent Chevier
Golden Boy vs Gorgeous George went to a draw
Tony Zollo def Jimmy Valentine by disqualification

8/16/65 – Bubble Room – Pittsfield, MA
Jesse James & Peppy Perez def Jimmy Valentine & Bruno Sanmartino
Jimmy Valentine vs Jesse James went to a 20-minute time-limit draw
Peppy Perez vs Bruno Sanmartino went to a 20-minute time-limit draw
Silvia Torres def Doris Dorsey two falls to one
Attendance: about 175

8/23/65 – Bubble Room – Pittsfield, MA
Cowboy Bradley & Sonny Boy Cassidy def Fuzzy Cupid & Billy the Kid
Pepe Perez def Gorgeous George by disqualification
The Magnificent Chevier vs Flash Thomas went to a draw
Attendance: 150

8/30/65 – Bubble Room – Pittsfield, MA
Gorgeous George vs Golden Boy Dupree
Pat Sherry vs Silvia Torress
Bruno Samnartino vs Pepe Perez

9/20/65 – Bubble Room – Pittsfield, MA
Frank Scarpa def Bruno Sanmartino
Wild Bull Curry vs Tony Zollo went to a draw
Pat Sherry vs Doris Dorsey (Advertised)
Golden Boy vs The Magnificent Chevier (sub for Dory Nixon) went to a draw
Attendance: 100

9/27/65 – Bubble Room – Pittsfield, MA
8-man Battle Royal
Golden Boy vs Prince Omar
Cowboy Blatze vs Magnificent Chevier
Bruno Sanmartino vs Tony Zollo
Kentucky Hillbilly vs Mr. Mystery

10/13/65 – Bubble Room – Pittsfield, MA
Frank Scarpa def The Great Rajah
Pat Sherry vs Silvia Torres
Kentucky Hillbilly vs The Magnificent Chevier
Note: Final show held at the Bubble Room due to low attendance figures