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 Posted: Wed Jul 26th, 2017 01:43 am
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Catching up on who's who

Lil Abner=Jim Osborne

Rusty Barend=Willie Bath

Ted Blassie=Don Carson

Boston Bruiser= Frank Shields

Hobo Brazil= Rufus R Jones

Larry Chene

Maurice Chevier=Chris Colt

Giuseppe Crugnale=Joe Crugnale

Bull Curry

Killer Douglas=Kurt Douglas

Golden Boy Dupree=Ronnie Dupree

Tony Enos

Gypsy Joe Gonzales

Luke Graham

Gorgeous George Grant

Bob Harmon

Frank Hickey

Ronnie Hill

Jesse James=Buddy Pappas

Fred Koury= Flying Fred Curry

Buddy Lee

Mad Mongol= Chin Lee

Alex Medina

Bull Montana

Nature Boy=Rick Sexton

Prince Nero=Tony Nero

Pat O'Hara

Red O’Malley=George Ryan

Bummy Rogers=Ronnie Garvin

Bruno SanMartino=Pancho Valdez

Frank Scarpa

Tony Sinatra=Paul DeMarco

Flash Thomas=Black Orchid

Franz Von Erich=Chris Markoff

Naldo Von Erich= Chris Jelavrou

Pancho Zapata

Tony Zollo