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 Posted: Wed Jul 26th, 2017 07:07 pm
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7/1/1964 Holyoke MA
Gypsy Joe beat Ronnie Hill
Buddy Lee beat Ricardo Ortiz

7/2/1964 Boston
Ilio DiPaolo & Buddy Lee beat Gypsy Joe & Bob Stanlee
Golden Boy Dupree beat Bull Montana DQ
Bruno SanMartino beat Tony Sinatra

7/8/1964 Holyoke MA
Gypsy Joe beat Tony Sinatra
Ron Hill beat Bull Montana

7/9/1964 Boston
Buddy Lee NC Gypsy Joe
Bull Montana & Bruno SanMartino beat Golden Boy Dupree & Tony Sinatra
Ronnie Hill beat Hobo Brazil
Pepe Perez beat Bruno SanMartino

7/15/1964 Holyoke MA
Pepe Perez vs Gypsy Joe
Buddy Lee vs Hobo Brazil

7/16/1964 Boston No wrestling for month vacation for Tony Santos

7/22/1964 Holyoke MA
Gypsy Joe vs Pepe Perez
Bull Montana vs Bobby Thomas

7/29/1964 Holyoke MA
Pepe Perez beat Bull Montana
Ronnie Hill draw Bobby Thomas

Pepe Perez=Roberto Soto