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 Posted: Sat Aug 12th, 2017 09:45 pm
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Thank you all for your replies and ideas. Specifically, my problem with yahoo homepage is the sports section. I am big into checking out boxscores from the past weeks games and the date toggle button won't seem to let me go back to yesterday's games. For example, if you go to yahoo sports, click mlb, then go to scores/schedules it will show the pitching lineups for today only. It won't let me go to yesterday's scores/boxscores.

So, for now what I've been doing is just going into and using that for my boxscore fix. I've put a post onto the comments section of yahoo, but you all know how lame that can be, I get mixed up with all kinds of people's problems, spam, etc.

I'll keep with my for now, perhaps yahoo will get their act together!