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 Posted: Sun Aug 13th, 2017 11:49 pm
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silentkiller wrote: SteveHelwagen wrote: beejmi wrote: I'm a 'hardcore' WWWF TV collector and I have never seen it.

I'm sad to hear that ... just curious how that was celebrated as Backlund was Vince Sr's hand-picked champion and the key to their future business ... they had to make a big deal of it but the finish was so flat with the foot on the ropes, could have treated it as a controversy more than a celebration ... and what Bruno had to say about it as well

There was no Bruno on commentary at that point. Vince did the TV solo still in early-mid 1978.
Not even sure there was a Vince then. Could have been Ray Morgan still or even Bill Cardille who filled in for a while after Morgan quit.

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