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Some more that I found going through the newsletters and Will try to find any from '82 thru '85 tomorrow.

Interesting looking at some of the newsletters from 78/79, there seems to be 2 groups promoting in San Antonio. I don't have them handy, but I know one of the groups was promoted by Frankos, Inc? Anyone know about them? I think they were the ones booking Harley Race, but I didn't note that when going through the newsletters.

10/3/78 Del Rio, TX @ Cody Warlaw Gym
Armando Guerrero vs. Tully Blanchard 60:00
[Southwest TV HC:] Dale Valentine vs. Rocky Johnson
Colosso Colosetti vs. ?? Von Erich
Joe Blanchard vs. Benny Matta

10/11/78 San Antonio, TX
NWA World Champion Harley Race vs Ricky Romero
Colosso Colosetti vs Dale Valentine
Tully Blanchard and Bill White vs The White Knight and Al Madril
Armando Guerrero vs Gino Hernandez
Bill Rathke vs Jack Evans

2/14/79 San Antonio, TX
Tiger Conway, Jr. vs Mark Lewin
Bill While vs Dale Valentine
Coloso Colosetti vs The Greath Goliath
Bull Ramos vs Nick Kozak

3/7/79 San Antonio, TX
Dale Valentine vs Bill White
Gino Hernandez vs Jose Lothario
Bull Ramos vs The Great Goliath
Colosso Colosetti vs Leo Seitz
Race Bannon vs Eddie Sullivan

3/14/79 San Antonio, TX
NWA World Champion Harley Race vs Gran Goliath
Bull Ramos vs Jose Lothario
Colosso Colosetti vs Dale Valentine
Bill White vs Race Bannon
Eddie Sullivan and Bob Marcus

3/21/79 San Antonio
Jose Lothario and Great Goliath vs Bull Ramos and Dale Valentine
Coloso Colosetti vs Bill White
Tully Blanchard vs Bob Marcus
Little Tokyo and Coconut Willie

3/28/79 San Antonio
Dale Valentine vs Tully Blanchard
Gino Hernandez vs Jose Lothario
Bill White vs Bob Marcus
Leo Seitz vs Bull Ramos
Coloso Colosetti vs Race Bannon

5/27/79 Victora, Texas
Jose Lothario vs Bull Ramos
also advertised...
Gran Marcus
Dale Valentine
Tully Blanchard
El Halcon

7/8/79 Sisterdale, TX - Matta's Hill Country Playground
Leo Seitz vs. Nick Ramírez
Benny Matta vs. Bill Rathke
Dale Valentine vs. Tully Blanchard
Gran Markus vs. José Lothario

12/2/79 Victoria, TX
Tom Jones vs Gran Goliath
Tully Blanchard vs The Mongol
Relampago Leon vs Dale Valentine
Evelyn Stevens vs Lisa Randall

1/14/80 Farmington, NM – McGee Park Auditorium –
1) Little Tokyo vs. Cowboy Lang
2) Leroy Brown vs. Dennis Condrey
3) Scott Casey & Cowboy Lang vs. Rip Hawk & Little Tokyo
4) Wahoo McDaniel vs. The Great Goliath
--note, this may be a Rip Hawk promoted card, and not necessarily a Southwest Card?

4/5/80 Pueblo, CO - Agriculture Palace - State Fairgrounds
AWA World Champion Nick Bockwinkel vs Southwest Champion Wahoo McDaniel
Randy Morse vs Scott Casey
Ricky Romero and Ted Heath vs Alex Perez and Oki Shikina
Gene Anderson vs Rick Youngblood
--note may not be a Southwest Card

5/24/80 Austin, TX - Results
Wahoo McDaniel d. Tully Blanchard
Scott Casey and Relampago Leon d. The Spoiler (Seigfried Steinke?) and Black Gordman DQ
David Anderson d. Ray Zarate
Relampago Leon drew The Spoiler

5/24/80 – City Auditorium – Colorado Springs, CO
Leroy Brown vs. Alex Perez
Oki Shikina vs. Ricky Romero
Randy Morse vs. Rick Youngblood
Tom Jones vs. Hossain the Butcher
AWA World Champion Nick Bockwinkel vs. Mad Dog Vachon
--note may not be a Southwest Card

8/16/80 Colorado Springs, CO - City Auditorium - Ticket Prices $5 $4 - RESULTS
Rip Hawk DCOR Rick Youngblood
Larry Lane d. Alex Perez
Larry Lane, Ricky Romero and Rick Youngblood d. Rip Hawk, Alex Perez and Tank Patton
Wahoo McDaniel d. Southwest Champion Tully Blanchard (Indian Strap)
--note I think at the time Larry Lane was the Western States Champion and Ricky Romero was the Rocky Mountain Champion, however not sure if they
--advertised Lane as champ, but pretty sure they advertised Romero as Rocky Mountain champ.

8/25/80 Big Spring, TX - Dorothy Garrett Coliseum
Black Gordman and Tank Patton vs. Larry Lane and Relámpago León
Tully Blanchard vs. Southwest Champion Wahoo McDaniel

11/30(?)/80 San Antonio
Wahoo McDaniel vs Tank Patton
Ivan Putski vs Tully Blanchard
Tom Jones vs The Spoiler
Scott Casey and Ricky Romero vs Eddie Mansfield and Larry Lane
Chavo Guerrero vs Black Gordman

1/13/81 Amarillo, TX - Sports Arena
Billy Robinson DCOR Ivan Putski
Tank Patton and Tully Blanchard d. Chavo Guerrero and Scott Casey
Eddie Mansfield d. Ted Heath
Larry Lane d. Dennis Stamp DQ
Chavo Guerrero drew Tank Patton

4/11/81 Pueblo, Colorado - Agriculture Palace - Ticket Prices $5 $4
Tully Blanchard & Nick Bockwinkel vs Terry Funk & Wahoo McDaniel
Bobby Heenan vs Jim Brunzell
Greg Gagne vs Adrain Adonis
Larry Lane vs Tito Santana
Plus other matches

5/4/81 Seguin, TX - Seguin-Guadalupe County Coliseum
Tully Blanchard vs Ivan Putski
Juan Reynosa and Doug Somers vs Relampago Leon and Tiger Conway, JR.
Tiger Conway, Jr. vs Juan Reynosa
Relampago Leon vs Doug Somers

7/6/81 Austin, TX - Municipal Auditorium
Ivan Putski d. Larry Lane DQ
Ivan Putski and Tom Prichard d. Larry Lane and The Spoiler (reverse decision)

7/22/81 San Antonio, TX - TV (shown on 7/26/81)
AWA World Champion Nick Bockwinkel d. Tom Pritchard
World Tag Team Champions (and Southwest Tag Champions?) Gino Hernandez and Tully BLanchard d. Scott Casey and Terry Allen
The Spoiler DCOR Tiger Conway, Jr.
Interviews by Buck Robley and Tank Patton and IVan Putski
Buck Robley and Tank Patton d. Kelly Kiniski and Relampago Leon
Eddie Mansfield d. Ray Zarate
Interviews by Gino Hernandez and Tully BLanchard

11/24/81 Port Arther, TX - Civic Center
Buck Robley vs. Sweet Brown Sugar
Moon Mulligan vs. Terry Allen
Nick Kozak vs. Tom Prichard
Dick Slater and Tully Blanchard vs. Manny Fernández and Scott Casey (Texas Death Match)

12/8/81 Seguin, TX
Scott Casey d. Buck Robley
Larry Lane d. Tom Pritchard
Ray Hernandez d. Juan Reynosa
Tom Pritchard and Terry Allen d. Larry Lane and Tank Patton

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