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 Posted: Mon Aug 28th, 2017 10:23 pm
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10/28/1953 Bennington VT
Gorgeous George Grant vs Tommy Griffin
Great Togo vs Tony Enos

12/2/1953 North Adams MA
Great Togo vs Bob Lortie
Gypsy Joe vs Tony Enos

10/26/1954 Lowell MA
Gorgeous George Grant & Gypsy Joe Gonzales vs Amazing Zuma & Jesse James
Lou Lewin vs Gus Johnson
Chief Blue Eagle vs Zebra Kid

3/11/1955 Manchester VT Boxing/ Wrestling card
Chief Blue Eagle vs Stanley Wydre
Boxing Willie Pep vs Herman Gary

4/12/1955 Lowell MA
Gypsy Joe vs Stanley Wyndo
Lionell Baillegeron & Chief Blue Eagle vs Dionne Brothers

11/4/1955 Manchester VT
Chief Blue Eagle vs Nature Boy Ricco

12/10/1955 Simsbury CT
Nature Boy Ricco & Black Terror vs Chief Blue Eagle & Jesse James
Young Canera vs Tom Ennis