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 Posted: Tue Aug 29th, 2017 01:22 am
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1/14/1953 North Adams MA
Abe Coleman vs Tiger Tasker
Les Ruffin vs Don Prata

2/4/1953 North Adams MA
Don Leo Jonathan vs Les Ruffen

3/19/1953 Pittsfield MA
Sonny Myers beat Kato Yama
Lionel Robert beat Tiger Tasker
Les Ruffin draw Don Prata

4/30/1953 Pittsfield MA
Les Ruffin vs Joe Swinick
Pat O'Connor vs Tiger Tasker

7/16/1953 Nashua NH
Adrien Baillargeon beat Les Ruffin

7/23/1953 Nashua NH
Sonny Myers beat Bob RussellĀ 
Adrian Baillargeon beat Les Ruffin
Steve Karras draw Gus Johnson