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 Posted: Sun Sep 3rd, 2017 07:33 pm
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1/22/1955 North Attleboro MA
Tiger Tasker beat Abe Coleman
Johnny Heidman beay Rocky Baron
Ali Bey & Bull Curry beat Kenny Ackles & Steve Stanlee

3/11/1956 Bennington VT
Nature Boy Ricco beat Gypsy Joe DQ

3/25/1956 Manchester VT
Gypsy Joe vs Nature Boy Ricco
Stan Kowalski vs Mario Di Souza

7/4/1956 North Adams
Joe Louis KO'd Wee Willie Davis

8/15/1957 North Adams MA
Chief Lone Eagle vs Ivan Strogoff

8/19/1957 York Beach ME
Chief Lone Eagle VS. Vilmer Snyder
Frank James vs Ray Walker

8/22/1957 North Adams, MA
Frank James vs Vilmer Snyder
Ray Walker vs Charley Robinson

8/29/1957 North Adams MA
Chief Lone Eagle vs Frank James

11/8/1957 Newport RI
Argentina Rocca vs Manuel Cortez
Bull Curry vs Emile Dupre
Hank Waishek vs Harry Lewis