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 Posted: Wed Sep 6th, 2017 05:50 pm
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This thread is a multi-purpose thread in regards to NFL week one. Picks, fantasy talk, smack-talk, in-game chat, all is 'in play' here.

Lets take a look at the bookies current stance on things. You'll notice that since the lines were posted last May that many have changed significantly. Some teams are projected now as stronger (Philly) and others are projected as weaker (Jets tank? , Colts w/out Luck, Dolphins w Cutler)

Kansas City At New England (9)
NY Jets at Buffalo (9.5)
Atlanta (7) at Chicago
Jacksonville at Houston (5)
Philadelphia (1) at Washington
Arizona (1) at Detroit
Oakland at Tennessee (2)
Tampa Bay (2.5) at Miami
Baltimore at Cincy (3)
Pittsburgh (9) at Cleveland
Indy at LA Rams (3.5)
Seattle at Green Bay (3)
Carolina (5.5) at San Francisco
NY Giants at Dallas (4)
New Orleans at Minnesota (3.5)
LA Chargers at Denver (3.5)