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 Posted: Tue Sep 12th, 2017 10:22 pm
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Kriss wrote: martini wrote: Franchise wrote: Sting was a top face but I never saw him as the marquee player even though he is who I associate with WCW. He had 7 world / international title reigns with 2 lasting over 120 days and the rest were very short. He wasn't even booked as a dominate US Or Tag champ. Sting was often booked to fight monsters; Vader, collosal Kongs, avalanche or grudge match type attraction spectacles like the convict or Jake Roberts.

Sting was also booked to be the most naive wrestler in the world. How can someone be so clueless and be the alpha?

Um, Hulk Hogan anyone?

Didn't see the Savage turn coming. Didn't see the Orndorff turn coming, etc., and so forth.

I think it pretty much taken as canon that Sting is the most naive wrestler in the world. It's hard to name someone who Sting teamed with who DIDN'T turn on him.

Lawler in Memphis kind of fits that bill, too.

Flair is the one guy I can remember turning on Sting like 100 times. I don't remember so many others. The Flair thing was kind of comical. It was kind of a "that which I love always hurts me" type of vibe.

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