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 Posted: Wed Sep 13th, 2017 04:14 am
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Erick Von Erich wrote: I was fine with Dipp's little faux pas, but he recorded a video of himself in his hotel room, after the game. Basically saying: "errr...I'm Mexican. Biggest stage of all. The coaches were minorities, too. Errrr..... 9/11!" No need for any of that to enter his retort. Just laugh it off, have some fun with it and don't try to turn it into some "serious" social or political issue.

If you can't laugh at yourself, the world will.

And now big, bad, washed up ESPN folks like Bob Ley are mad at the trolling. I'm sorry Bob, but YOUR employer put him on the air when he wasn't fit for the job. I'm sure ESPN will try to spin this into a "anyone who laughed is a racist" thing since this has totally taken away from their Beth Mowins headlines they craved. But if you're going to turn everything into hashtags and trends, then suck it up when you toss someone out there that should not have been.

Imagine social media if it existed when Eric Dickerson did sidelines on MNF.