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 Posted: Wed Sep 13th, 2017 04:27 am
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WongLee wrote: srossi wrote: WongLee wrote: srossi wrote: WongLee wrote: Hi BrawforAw. I have a good friend named Vinny Awg. His last name has two letters that are in your name. Isn't that great? So do you like Brazilian tranny and German scat movies? I sure do. Do you think Bruno Sammartino was better before or after his wig. Do you believe that policeman put their life on the line for each and every one of us every single day? We sure do. It's tradition here for the new guy to buy us all a drink. I'll take a cherry coke with a twist of lemon. I'm going to really enjoy talking about pro wres fighting with you.
Taken directly from Wong's profile file page.
Listen lib, unlike you, I go for what works. Get over Hillary losing you snowflake and join our Christian Coalition that our President leads us in.

Taken directly from Wong's Christian Mingle profile page. 

Ok cuck, this means war. I'm the bull and you're the cuck so get used to it.


This thread was great before AA ruined it.