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 Posted: Thu Sep 21st, 2017 07:49 pm
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Superstar wrote: srossi wrote:I read in Sports Illustrated more than a year ago how Trout was considered a complete failure as the poster child of MLB. It's not happening no matter how much you want to believe it is. He's a good talent but isn't connecting with a national fanbase and can't get primo endorsements. 

Nobody cares about Trout because not even his home fanbase cares about him or their team.  Honestly, Albert Pujols has more credibility than Trout even today as far as face and name recognition goes.  If your home team does nothing to truly promote you, and your fanbase isn't paying to see you, you are screwed.  Add to it that SoCal doesn't really give a shit about baseball in general and 3/4 of the country isn't staying up past their bedtime to watch him play...means that Trout is basically not special.  I would argue that Kris Bryant is more of a face for baseball than Trout because there are Cubs fans nationwide and they all know who Bryant is (and they actually support him by buying his merch).

If Aaron Judge can just hit 25-30 HR per year and hit .275, he will PRINT money.  Because the Yankees fanbase has wanted somebody like him since Mo and Jeter retired.

When the Blue Jays played a series there in 2015. Their fans were chanting MVP every time Josh Donaldson came to bat.