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 Posted: Fri Sep 22nd, 2017 07:29 am
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pjstef wrote: Agreed. But. Do you think it has to do with facing weaker pitching a la Orioles, and is the increased production coming either in the first couple innings or when the Yanks are already ahead 5 to 7 runs (aka "Danny Tartabull HRs")...? What about down 2-1 in the 8th with a guy on base...?
I don't see Judge getting the Big Papi deadly clutch homers, especially off folks like Indians starters when cards are on the table. I hope I am proven wrong.

Not exactly a fair comparison.  Judge is basically a rookie that played last September.  Papi did not have a season like this until he was 28, arguably not until he was 29.  Papi played in Minnesota, which should have played his strengths well, but he didn't really explode until he played in Boston where he could wrap HRs around the Pesky pole.  It wasn't until Boston's World Series year that Papi actually had a year you could call better than Judge is having this season.  As of today, he leads the AL in HR, Runs scored, and Walks.  I don't know where he stands in the RBI race, but he's doing well.  The object of a hitters' game is to get on base and score runs, and to drive in runs.  Judge can't possibly be doing ALL this damage in non-clutch situations.  And it's not like the Yankees are a juggernaut here - the presence Judge provides has improved everyone around him.  He was doing major damage in May in the six hole before Gerardi put him in the three.
Papi was a special ball player, but at age 25, he hadn't even come close to what Judge has done.  Let's see if Judge can do what Papi did when he's 30, until then, it's not fair to him.

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