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March 19, 1964-Kansas City, Kansas
Memorial Hall
Ronnie Etchison vs. Buddy Freeman
Sonny Myers vs. Joe Gump
Mongolian Stomper vs. Steve Bolus
Mongolian Stomper, Buddy Freeman and Joe Gump vs. Ronnie Etchison, Steve Bolus and Sonny Myers
Bob Geigel and Dr. Bill Miller vs. Pat O'Connor and Sailor Art Thomas

July 23, 1964- Kansas City, Kansas
Memorial Hall
Bulldog Plechas beat Gene Anderson with a backslide
The Lawman vs. Joe Scarpello (Draw) (20:00)
Jessica Rogers and Betty Niccoli beat Ann Regan and Kathy Starr when Rogers pinned Regan
Moose Evans beat The Rat by submission
Bob Geigel beat Sailor Art Thomas (2-1)

October 8,1964- Kansas City, Kansas
Memorial Hall
Joe Scarpello vs. Karl Von Stroheim
Kurt Von Stroheim vs. The Lawman
(Lumberjack Match) Tiny Mills vs. Sonny Myers
Mongolian Stomper and Rocky Hamilton vs Iron Mike and Bob Geigel

February 4, 1965- Kansas City, Kansas
Memorial Hall
Larry Hamilton pinned Harry Madison (10:26)
Dory Funk Jr. beat Bob Brown with a flying head scissors pin (10:11)
Darling Dagmar beat Diamond Lil (10:00)
Doug Gilbert and Ron Reed vs. The Outlaw and Tom Black Snake Clark (NC)...The Outlaw was injured and returned to the Dressing Room. He returned during the 3rd fall and was unmasked to reveal Bob Geigel had taken his place. Referee declared it a No Contest
The Sheik beat Steve Bolus (2-1)

I'll try and track down the others tomorrow