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 Posted: Mon Oct 2nd, 2017 09:15 pm
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The National Wrestling Alliance is officially Billy Corgan's.

As of 10/1, all existing licensing agreements for the promotion's affiliates have expired, putting Corgan in complete control of the brand and its championships.

The first inkling of direction for the NWA in terms of story will begin on this weekend's Championship Wrestling from Hollywood TV, which will feature NWA champion Tim Storm. Once the material airs on CWH TV, the content will be made available by the NWA via a number of different platforms.

The plan is to build digital content around several names and develop talent, using the NWA brand name and the NWA World title as the cornerstones with a modern, sports-oriented presentation. The hope is to build a new culture and process for pro wrestling, developing something unique from what WWE and Impact have.

While there is no timetable, the hope is to build to something of a modern day studio wrestling show, with the old Georgia Championship Wrestling being referenced as a potential creative inspiration. Corgan is taking the project slowly with the belief that every decision has to be measured. They are not going to rush to signing talents or running shows just for the sake of doing that.

Corgan spoke with Sports Illustrated's Justin Barrasso today about the NWA at this link. “People asked, ‘What are you buying?’” explained Corgan. “We’ve looked at how the WWE has positioned itself and how Anthem has positioned Impact Wrestling, and now a brand like the NWA, which has built-in recognition value and a history that is unmatched, suddenly starts to become more valuable in this shifting landscape. Maybe we’re not so crazy for buying these three letters after all.” Corgan also said that he has intimate knowledge of all the mistakes made by Impact and isn't going to just spend a ton of money for a few years. He is taking a "slow and steady wins the race" stance.

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