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 Posted: Tue Oct 3rd, 2017 10:30 pm
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Wrestling is more like TV or music. Could there be space for two successful boybands? Sure, if they are good enough and have decent marketing.
If every promotion/band wants to have the same bland country rap style like Florida Georgia Line, I can see the doubt that there will be enough interest for a competition. But it's about entertainment (and not necessarily better entertainment), so a different style should be able to attract different people. You don't exactly have to expect a Smooth Jazz band or a Lucharesu promotion to be able to sell out MSG, but they will attract some kind of crowd.
And it's all about personality in wrestling anyways. If you had a time machine and would have to go to 1998 in order to tell CM Punk he has to become the biggest wrestler in the world (in order to save mankind from all those disease carrying refugees or something you can relate to), what exactly would you be able to tell him in order to achieve that task?

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