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 Posted: Sat Oct 14th, 2017 05:48 pm
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Matt Farmer wrote: The Bucks are doing great. But there are about a dozen guys in WWE making more than they are making combined.

Not a knock on the Bucks at all, but WWE has many seven figure guys. The Bucks (and Cody) are doing high mid-card level WWE type money which is excellent.
I don’t care how popular the Bucks are - a tag team won’t make that money in WWE, and WWE would try to split them up after 9 months.  Cody would have the ability to earn seven figures in WWE if given the opportunity.  But he’s never had the opportunity to main Event.  I think both are doing much better where they are than they would with WWE, but I cannot say that other current mid card guys could make their kind of money independently.

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