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 Posted: Mon Nov 13th, 2017 07:42 pm
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MadFrogVachon wrote: Final note about the parents of these girls. Moore claimed at least one mother actively encouraged her teen daughter to date him; parents can be funny people sometimes.

I own and operate an adult website and while all of my models are at least 18, I have gotten emails from 2 of my model's mothers. One wasn't happy about her daughter (modeling name Mystic Mayhem) posing for me but realized it was MM's choice. She did ask, however, if I could assist in having some of Mystic Mayhem's pictures removed from another model's Facebook page (modeling name Red). The two girls don't like each other and Red was giving MM the Mean Girls treatment by posting the pictures and encouraging others to give her a hard time. I almost never talk to Mystic Mayhem anymore but both her mother and sister have practically adopted me as a member of the family.

The other mother I got an email from was very encouraging of her daughter posing hoping it would build her confidence a bit (which is has). And again, this mom has become a pretty good friend of mine.

You sound like a real piece of work.