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 Posted: Fri Nov 17th, 2017 06:31 am
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So this video popped up in my Youtube feed a week or so ago and then in the past few days this and similar other videos about Joe Biden have been the talk of conservative blogs.  What say you?  I'm not a Pizzagate believer, but this video is just creepy as fuck.  The constant stroking of the heads, the face nuzzling, the hands place oh-so-close to the breast, the way he seizes some of these girls.  And you can see how some of them are horribly uncomfortable.  They don't have the social skills yet to hide it.


And what about the families that let this go on again and again?  Are they fearful of crossing the Veep?  Seriously, if you took your young daughter to a company function and you noticed a certain coworker kept fondling every young girl he was introduced to, you'd be ready to belt the guy.  So with that, here's Jeff Sessions.  Watch as Biden makes a move for his granddaughter and Sessions swats his hands away.  Why?  Had he seen or heard something that made him wary of Biden or was he the only guy that day who was adequately protective of his progeny?