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 Posted: Mon Nov 20th, 2017 04:52 pm
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The Ultimate Sin wrote: khawk wrote: Been watching Southwest from the early 80's the past few evenings. One clip was Brody-Leduc from San Antonio with Scott Casey as the ref, and then "The Mummy" comes in and destroys Casey while Brody is held down.

I remember that being a bloody cover and/or article of one of the Apter mags as a kid and it's always kind of cool to have the memory of seeing one of those covers back then come to life with the actual video of the still pics you saw in the article or on the cover.

I've been watching Southwest too.  Is this match on the Youtubes?  If so do you have a date or way I can find it easily?

My copy is an actual disc, not sure about the youtubes thing. I can try to find the date for you tonight as I think I have it on my list. mid-late 83 is what I am thinking.