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 Posted: Sun Nov 26th, 2017 08:11 pm
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Just some quick hits from over the week-

Watched Batman vs. Superman, Dawn of Justice. Thought it was very good and better than many of the reviews.

Youtube: Henning and Hall vs. Regal and Garvin (non-title, AWA belts) from the Riviera. Really enjoyed this. Doug MacLeod tried not to get pulled down by Verne on commentary. Regal was a bump machine and doesn't get enough credit. Fun stuff.

Starrcade '86 - Having a hard time getting through this one with all of the gimmicks. Dusty vs. Tully first blood was not that good, Valiant vs. Jones, Ronnie Garvin v. Big Bubba, ...not a lot of quality here with all of the gimmicks. Stuck on the scaffold match now, which is a waste.

WWE Legends - Outdoor shows. Good stuff, forgot how fun these shows are. Showed some footage of Rogers/O'Connor from Comiskey Park 1961.

"Well, maybe I like the nightlife just a little bit more than I like the damn gym, jack! And when you're makin' $500,000 a year, there ain't no reason to change what you're doing." - Dusty Rhodes, 1/4/1986