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 Posted: Tue Dec 5th, 2017 02:36 am
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nyhack56 wrote: krazykid18 wrote: nyhack56 wrote: The cracks were there last year. They were covered up by the defense play out of their minds and having a soft schedule.

John Mara is not Wellington Mara. He's a little more hot headed. He's more prone to do this.

The spin cycle continues all three created the plan for ELI, but Eli fucked them up saying no and then the backlash, the streak being broke for a Jets reject(who played decent yesterday and actually moved the ball) and then Mara threw both of them under the bus and pretends like he has nothing to do with the plan. McAdoo and Reese are taking the fall because Mara doesn't want the fans embrassing the Giants this week in his stadium so watch Eli be a starter and get his away again even though he has regressed tremendously and underachieved in his career and didn't deserve to start the rest of the season. 

So wait, this is all Eli's fault?  That's the best spin yet.

It is not all Eli's fault but enough with the Eli is God act that has been running thru NY nothing is ever Eli's fault in NY is tiring.I am watching Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Kirk Cousins have no line and keep the offense rolling The Giants haven't scored 30 points since Coughlin left. His deep ball throwing is gone and he is inaccurate in short and intermediate passing, again not all his fault but lets stop acting like Eli has no bearing on the 2 and 9 season