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 Posted: Thu Dec 7th, 2017 08:04 pm
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krazykid18 wrote: Superstar wrote: Papa Voo wrote: Do you all think McAdoo is that bad of a coach? It seems that the team fell apart around him.Solid Xs and Os Guy, really good offensive minded coach.  But he’s a total douchebag.  The way he handles the players is like he is the CEO of a corporation and not like a coach of a team filled with different personalities from different backgrounds.  He has absolutely zero people skills and his personality is as grating as anyone.  He’s the total opposite of a guy like Herm Edwards, and in a lot of ways is exactly like Tom Coughlin was in his first years down in Jacksonville...difference is, Coughlin learned from his mistakes and McAdoo doesn’t think he made any.
B.S. nobody knows if he is good at anything because his early success was because of Odell and Coughlin input, the moment they threw Coughlin out the door for making stupid mistakes his final season the offense turned to shit and was just pray Odell takes a five yard slants and take it to the house and that the defense gets stops in 2016. And in Green Bay he was never the offensive coordinator he was the QB coach from 2012 to 2013 for Aaron Rodgers and got the job of Offensive Coordinator from the Giants because somehow he made "Aaron Rodgers"(lets ignore the fact he wasn't the QB coach when Godgers won Super Bowl or MVP he was tight ends coach).

And highlighted is all media crap that happens when you are losing he lacks people skills , he is so mean to me bs. he is the same guy he was when they went 11 -5 but when you are 2 and nine he doesn't know how to relate to me. Things are less tolerated when you suck.

So i don't know if he is a good coach or not plus he didn't really want Eli as his quarterback to run his own offense

While I might not agree with you on Eli, I for the most part agree with your assessment here.  Winning covers up flaws, losing exposes them.  They played a soft schedule last year.  They got almost every break in close games late.  Hence, McAdoo's demeanor wasn't a big.  He's the same guy this year, but everything gets magnified.
We might not know if he's any good, but my gut feeling says he never had the demeanor to be a head coach.  Too terse and sharp with his canned comments.  How many times after a loss do I have to hear "Well, we have to look at the tape"?  It seems to me that he tries to come over like Belichek, but he doesn't have the resume to pull it off.  There were times where he just seems to stumble for answers, and that's a big part of being in charge, having that mic stuck in front of your face after every win or loss, having to answer to the media.
Outside of that, there are things on the outside that made it look like he never had the respect of his players, either.  The in-season suspensions alone.  To me, those are acts of rebellion.
And I am putting the Eli situation aside making this judgment.  Whether he should have been benched or not, there was no way to handle that in a positive manner.  If anything, the issue I have with it is why isn't Davis Webb the #2 QB?  Is he not developing?  Did the coaching staff do a bad job of developing him?  Or, does this fall on Reese that he whiffed on another 3rd round pick?  I don't know the answer to that.