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Tully Blanchard touches on his father's early days as a football player, wrestler and promoter. Next Tully's own background in sports, and how it came together when he became a wrestler himself is touched upon. Blanchard covers the many legends of the sport who served as teachers for him as he grew into a regional star and eventually a nationally known heel. The sad story of Blanchard's friend Gino Hernandez and his fall into a world of drugs in the Dallas underground is gone over, which then transitions into Tully's own woeful tale of drugs wrecking his life. Talk of the glory days of the Horsemen drawing big money and living the high life leads into talk of the downfall of JCP. Blanchard's WWF run and his limited return to wrestling finish out the interview. Along the way we hear stories on the Magnum TA feud, why Blanchard refused to put over Terry Funk in WCW, the injury that ended his dabbling with indy dates, helping prisoners reform their lives and more!!