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 Posted: Sat Dec 9th, 2017 04:56 pm
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I proudly present the 6,329th review of Wrestlemania 1 on the internet! It is a necessary evil as I climb through wrestling history month-by-month. Inside I cover the somewhat surprising story the main event tells -something I don't remember grasping in previous viewings over the years. Plus, Wendi Richter continues to deliver poor matches amid major hype, Buddy Rose is good at this whole pro wrestling thing, King Kong Bundy is a lying liar, Special Delivery Jones may have Wolverine-like recuperative powers, JYD manages to get winded from laying on the mat, the WWF rulebook changes match from match, Captain Lou is sedated, Barry Windham's collarbone gives him CTE, an MSG janitor gets his Wrestlemania moment, and more!