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 Posted: Sat Dec 9th, 2017 07:12 pm
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Prime Time Wrestling 9-20-1988.

Vince McMahon sat in for Gorilla (not sure if this is when Gorilla had his minor heart attack). Blue Blazer made his debut with a slightly earlier version of his costume and mask, which looked really cheao. There was an awful match between Hercules and JYD. The Rockers won a squash, and Bad News Brown had a fairly competitive match against a non-Killer Bee Jim Brunzell (back to the tie-dye).

Main Event was Bulldogs vs. Rougeaus 20 minute broadway from SummerSlam '88. Superstar Graham seriously said "brother" and "GORILLAMONSOON" and "my man" about 100 times in the match. Vince even made fun of his after the match when they came back to the studio, and his performance here may have been the reason he was let go. It's funny because his commetary on the house shows from that time was not as awful, but it's like he snorted cocaine before the show and just lost his mind.

"Well, maybe I like the nightlife just a little bit more than I like the damn gym, jack! And when you're makin' $500,000 a year, there ain't no reason to change what you're doing." - Dusty Rhodes, 1/4/1986