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 Posted: Mon Dec 18th, 2017 09:46 am
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6-7-86 and 6-14-86 NWA World Champ Wrestling Saturday Night.

Goddamn this promotion was scorching hot at the time, and everybody and everything was interwoven. Dusty's feuding with Ole, Flair, he's got the James Boys tag-team feud with the Midnights.

I forgot that they brought Steve Regal in, and he and Jimmy Garvin reformed their tag-team, as they were AWA champs less than five months previous to this.

Forgot how good Ole was on the stick too.

"Well, maybe I like the nightlife just a little bit more than I like the damn gym, jack! And when you're makin' $500,000 a year, there ain't no reason to change what you're doing." - Dusty Rhodes, 1/4/1986