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 Posted: Fri Dec 22nd, 2017 08:03 pm
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My boss is an intelligent business woman who happens to also be a right wing conspiracy nut.  I worked with her side by side last night and picked up this intel: 
Uranium One: Hillary and Chelsea Clinton are under secret arrest. Chelsea and Hillary are wearing electronic monitors under medical boots to cover the monitors.   
John McCain is in bed with the Clintons on this deal and he is also under secret indictment.  

According to a Newsweek article on this conspiracy I looked up, Obama is also under arrest and his recent trip to Chicago for "jury duty" was a cover for having his ankle bracelet put on. 

Meanwhile, Bill Clinton is being held in a secure place (apparently Camp David) and is also under arrest for his involvement in the Clinton Foundation scandals. 

Paul Ryan's recent retirement rumors were to cover for the fact that he was tied up with the Clintons and is also in trouble, but he'll probably be the Narc and escape to Wisconsin. 

Robert Mueller is a Democrat, despite what the news says and he is going to be arrested for helping the Clintons cover all this up. 

The arrests will be announced publicly as soon as this weekend. 

I told her I debunked her last conspiracies in about 5 mins of googling things, and she said "you can't find this info on the dot coms!" 

She also informed me "Alex Jones is right most of the time". Sandy Hook was a hoax.
 The school was empty before the "shooting" happened and all the parents who went along with the lie had their mortgages paid off on the same day.

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